The Power of Visualization and Storytelling to Turn Data into Actionable Outcomes

Today, data is available to allow marketers to move away from traditional metrics of measurement, such as clicks, engagement, and towards more meaningful measurement of success, such as quality of leads and closed deals. While it is important to capture and analyze data, it is critical to then communicate those data insights to lead to actionable outcomes, both internally to justify marketing spend and achieve engagement from the highest levels of the organization, but also externally to better engage with your customers. During this session:

  • Uncover the foundational principles of storytelling and visualization to gain an understanding of the best ways to utilize these practices to engage and inspire your internal and external audience
  • Learn how to move from complex, data rich reports, to relevant data storytelling that connects to your audience on a deep and personal level

Jennifer Brett, Ph.D, Head of North American Insights, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn