Panel Session: Perspectives from Organizations Large and Small: Explore the Unique Approaches to Operationalizing Analytics to Drive Customer Growth with Varying Degrees of Resources and Budget

One size does not fit all. Every organization is different, and the way that they may approach marketing effectiveness will vary based upon their unique resources and culture.  Many organizations still struggle with operationalizing analytics to derive the most value from data due to a lack of a structured process for navigating their limited or constrained budget and internal engagement with the different business units. Join the discussion to:

  • Benefit from the different perspectives of the panelists as they detail how they have enhanced marketing effectiveness in their individual companies to come away with a new approach to the same problem
  • Explore the different team structures for you to get a better understanding of the internal structures of different departments
  • Uncover best practices in relation to stakeholder mapping to find new ways of fostering internal collaboration and engagement

Brad B. McCormick, Principal, 10 Louder and Adjunct Professor, Southern Methodist University

Carla Borsoi, VP Marketing and Customer Experience, humm
Jessica Bundy, Consumer Insight Manager, Disney Parks, Experiences, & Products, The Walt Disney Company
Margarita Grisales, Senior Director of Marketing, Market Traders Institute
Michael Ter Mors, Director, Digital Marketing, 1-800-PACK-RAT