Panel: Achieving the Holy Grail of Digital Experiences to Drive Retention, Loyalty and Personalization at Every Touch Point

Today there is a new online economy. The online customer pays with attention to a website and from that attention the company gains data. Building compelling experiences or stories to capture that attention with lead to higher quality data that will turn digital experience into insights. At the intersection of market data, customer data and sales data you will find the true measurement of marketing effectiveness. During this session the presenters will share what can be done to retool your website to create deeper engagements with your customers. Included in the discussion will be:

  • Build transparency into your online presence to deliver what your customers truly need and want
  • Bridge the gap between the advanced analytical and channel marketer to convey the downstream impact
  • Learn how to leverage current technologies as an enabler to differentiating your brand
  • Create an immersive and valuable experience for your customers to drive keep engagement and sustainable loyalty

Aleen Hosdaghian, Senior Director Marketing, Sun Pharma