Build and Maintain a Highly Effective and Insights Driven Analytics Team

Collecting data is not enough, you need a team that can turn that data into actionable insights for the organization as a whole.  Cultivating deep analytical bench strength is a challenge to ensure you have the right team in place to achieve the results you need. You also need a team that is capable of maintaining a balance of being collaborate with other areas of the organization while also driving accountability. During this session:

  • Strike a balance by learning how today’s marketers can be more proficient and data savvy and how data scientists can work to better communicate what the data actually means in a way that resonates with the marketers needs.  
  • Since the foundation of marketing analytics is to evaluate marketing performance how can you effectively evaluate the performance of the individuals responsible for measuring performance of others
  • Create a more cohesive balance within your organization and collaborate to bring more value and insights to the business.

Doug Bennett, Senior Managing Director, A&G Real Estate Partners