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Panel Discussion: Agility and Creativity as a Driving Force to Ensure Certainty in a Time of Unprecedented Uncertainty

Throughout the globe 2020 was characterized by unprecedented uncertainty and shaped many organizations in ways they never imagined. Agility quickly became a competitive advantage more so than anyone could have ever imagined. During this session we will take a close look at what we have learned from the COVID-19 crisis. The panelists will share real examples of how they were able to quickly pivot to adjust to our new normal and what practices did they put in place to ensure they are reaching their customers in a relevant and timely way. Included in the discussion will be:

  • Hindsight being 20/20-from a marketing perspective, what could you have done differently to better prepare or what systems did you have in place to adapt
  • How agility and creativity paved the way to quickly adjust campaigns to the current conditions and new customer requirements
  • When budgets are tighter than before, how do you make sure that you can utilize data effectively to make adjustments and pivot limited budget dollars
  • Explore the ways the panelists adjusted their marketing measurement strategies to ensure they are capturing opportunities to support the business in a holistic and effective way
  • How can you use this time of great uncertainty to be an effective change agent in the modern tech landscape effectively being able to couple new technologies with data and analytics needs to enhance the customer experience

Multi-Channel Attribution-Move Beyond the Silo to Take a Holistic Look at Marketing Effectiveness

Today’s need for accurate measurements has never been greater and challenging due to the increased focus on data privacy coupled with the need to engage with customers on a deeper level. Traditional measurement strategies can lead to an organization making the wrong decisions based on an incomplete view of the customer. Advanced measurement tools such as multi-touch attribution and media mix modeling can help to take a more holistic view of the overall marketing organization and help to make more informed decisions. During this session:

  • Take a detailed look at multi-touch attribution and media mix modeling measurement techniques to see how this can benefit your organization
  • Uncover the ways to utilize these tools to better identify which offers will resonate with which customers and at which time to increase customer frequency and engagement, and ultimately creating a customer centered marketing strategy that drives profit

Dan Keir, Executive Director – Movers, Campaign Strategy & Analytics, Comcast

Cameron Hosmer, Senior Director Marketing Strategy & Planning, Comcast

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