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Attribution Beyond Cookies Virtual Bootcamp 2020

For most of the digital age, marketers have relied on cookies to track general trends on how users were engaging with their brand across various digital channels. Due to a number of number events over the past 10 years that reliance on cookies is nearing an end. GDPR, CCPA, Washington Privacy Act, and the slew of privacy regulations, the increased public’s awareness and fear over how their data is being used, and the steps by consumer tech giants (Google, Apple, Safari, etc.) to put increased rules on how data is obtained and used are crippling business as usual for most digital marketers.

Proving the effectiveness of your marketing spend and engagement in a cookieless environment offers marketers both new challenges, but also when approached strategically can provide opportunities to capitalize on attribution models that take into account more reliable and effective channels using new methods for charting the customer journey, building customer profiles and creating more personalized engagements.

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Furthermore, while we cannot predict what the future holds as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, recession, layoffs, deep budget cuts, one thing is for certain, reaching your customers in a relevant way will ensure that your company is equipped with the tools needed to weather this storm and be on the right path for success.
Building off of the success of our long-standing annual Marketing Analytics Conference (MAC), and created at the request of strategic marketers like yourself who are struggling to understand how to navigate and thrive in the post-cookie/privacy first era, Momentum is proud to announce a unique and specialized offering to meet the needs of savvy marketers who are struggling to prove marketing effectiveness, cultivate deeper insights into their customer journey and better engage with their customers in an opt-in world.

Join the event to have an opportunity to rethink the world of marketing attribution demystify the customer journey by gaining tactical knowledge and real-use cases to problem-solve the most pressing issues with like-minded peers. Benefits of attending include:
• Understand what attribution means in a post-cookie and post GDPR/CCPA world and the ways you can strike a balance between the need for privacy and accuracy
• Discuss activities and strategies that marketing leaders are utilizing in an environment after cookies, have the knowledge and understanding of what you can and can’t do to not get caught up in a bottleneck of rules and regulations
• Explore proven data-driven attribution models to measure and monitor marketing effectiveness
• Gain a full understanding of how you can and cannot utilize data from the various siloes within the organization to both protect yourself from violating new rules/regulations and also ensure you do not have any missed opportunities by being too overly cautious
• Effective ways to gather high quality and accurate data and dive deeper into harnessing the capabilities of 1st party cookies
• Demystify the concept of profitable marketing and the science of marketing to gain invaluable insight into current media spend landscape

Who Should Attend

Cross-Industry C-Suite/EVP/SVP/VP/Senior Director/Directors/Heads with responsibilities in

Momentum’s 5th Annual Marketing Analytics Conference (MAC) 2020 has evolved along with the times to provide you a program that addresses the most creative and effective ways to reach today’s consumer and to measure the impact of your efforts. Building off of the success of previous years, and making sure that we are addressing the most current issues keeping you up at night, top minds from the forefronts of both marketing and data science will share their priorities and processes in order to foster improved cooperation between departments and create an insights driven culture
Join us to come away with the tools and techniques that are key to creating a customer centered marketing strategy that drives profit as well as:

  • Marketing
  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Product Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Marketing ROI
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Data Sciences
  • Data Officer
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